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Food Rescue US is committed to ending American food insecurity by directly transferring fresh, usable food that would have otherwise been thrown away from grocers, restaurants, and other food industry sources to food insecure families throughout the U.S.

The Food Rescue US Impact

Hunger in the United States makes no sense because in our digitally connected world, bridging the gap between excess and access isn’t just possible. It’s simple. Unlike traditional models, Food Rescue US lowers overhead costs, increases access to fresh food, and ensures that food rescued today is delivered today. The impact has been huge – and with your help, it will grow exponentially.

Meals Delivered

Since 2011, food rescuers at Food Rescue US have delivered more than 36 million fresh and healthy meals to people who don’t have enough to eat.



Since 2011, Food Rescue US has saved 50 million pounds of fresh, usable food from landfill and delivered it to people in need.

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