Food Rescue US- Fairfield County’s month-long longevity Blue Zone challenge

Food Rescue US – Fairfield County’s month-long longevity challenge is based on the Blue Zone philosophy. The challenge starts with our kick off event at Wakeman Town Farm on June 3rd from 7:30-8:30pm with a screening of the first episode of “Live to 100” and a guided conversation with local nutrition coach Michelle Sinclair Colman. (Purchase your tickets here!) 

Throughout the month, Food Rescue US – Fairfield County will challenge you in four ways that correspond to the four pillars of the Blue Zone (see below).

The longevity challenge will culminate with a meet up to walk, talk, and gawk (at the natural beauty) together at Sherwood Island State Park on Thursday, June 27th at 9am. (Please RSVP to if we can expect you there!)

What is a Blue Zone?

The Blue Zone concept comes from a global study that found the communities around the world where people live the longest, healthiest lives (in their 100s) and discovered the key lies in four pillars: Plants, Purpose, Pedestrian, People (social).

Food Rescue US – Fairfield County’s Blue Zone Longevity Challenge

This is how we will incorporate the Blue Zone’s four pillars into our month-long longevity challenge:

  1. Plants: Eat the rainbow.
    1. The key to good health is a healthy gut and the way to promote a healthy gut is through eating a diverse diet filled with whole foods.
      1. We challenge you to try to eat at least 15 different fruits, veggies, seeds, and nuts each of the four weeks of June.
      2. Try a new fruit, veggie, nut, or seed each week!
  2. Pedestrian: Move.
    1. Our bodies are meant to move.
      1. We challenge you to make sure to walk at least once a week.
  3. Purpose: Be inspired.
    1. Volunteering for Food Rescue US is a great purpose!
      1. We challenge you to do at least one rescue in the month of June!
  4. People: Connect with others.
    1. Community is essential to our health. 

Come to our meet up at Sherwood Island State Park on June 27th at 9am where we’ll walk, talk, and simply be with one another in this incredible natural resource in our backyard! Anyone who wants to continue our time together at the Westport Farmers’ Market after the walk gets a free Food Rescue US tote bag. (Please RSVP to if we can expect you there!)