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Does your nonprofit fight hunger and food waste through food recovery? Are you seeking a web-based app to increase your impact? Would you like to learn about joining our national food recovery network?

We are delighted that you are interested in partnering with Food Rescue US. Together, we can amplify your food recovery efforts. Our proprietary web-based app allows nonprofits like yours to manage and scale your food recovery efforts. By licensing our app, you gain access to ongoing technical training and support and a variety of reports highlighting your food recovery data. You also become part of a national network of peers, meeting professionals doing similar mission-driven work, sharing milestones, connecting through internal communications with other members of the network and attending recurring meetings.

If this sounds like a good match for you, please share some information about your nonprofit organization and express your interest in joining the Food Rescue US network.

both hunger and food waste are serious crises.

In the United States this year, it’s estimated we will generate 86.6 million tons of surplus food. When this food is sent to landfills, it rots and breaks down into methane- a potent greenhouse gas. At a time when almost 40 million people are food insecure and we are all experiencing the effects of climate change firsthand, we are throwing away the very food that could feed those in need and reduce its negative impact on climate change.

As a Licensee, you can increase your ability to make a difference.

FAQs About Being a Licensee

  • Food Rescue US licensees have their own 501c3 status and use the Food Rescue US software to facilitate their food recovery programs.
  • The Food Rescue US technology is a good fit for organizations that are already doing some food recovery and are now looking to scale their existing food recovery programs.
  • Organizations pay an affordable fee to license our proprietary web-based app. Please contact us to learn more.

Food Rescue US is a national network of food recovery programs that utilize our proprietary web based app to connect food donors with social service agencies to prevent food waste and provide food to those in need. While we are not a food bank, many local food pantries are connected with sources of healthy food through our national network.

  • With our web-based app, Food Rescue US has developed a simple solution to connect the vast amount of healthy, usable surplus food with the critical hunger demand.
  • Using our simple and efficient proprietary app, food donors register available fresh food, social service agencies communicate their food needs and details for delivery, and volunteers sign up for a “food rescue.”
  • Once a match is made connecting a food donation opportunity with a social service agency, a rescuer self-schedules to pick up the food from the donor and delivers it directly to the local social service agency serving the community.
  • National Network: Our Food Rescue US Network creates a wonderful and unique network of like minded people working in the food recovery space.
  • Licensee Connection: Food Rescue US licensee organizations meet virtually on a regular basis. In addition, our network partners and national team communicate on an ongoing basis to discuss the latest in food recovery.
  • Knowledge Sharing: The Food Rescue US staff is available and happy to share knowledge we have gained along the way as a premier grassroots-led food recovery organization operating since 2011.

For food donors:

  • List the quantity and type of foods they would like to donate
  • Specify the date and window of time for food donation pickup
  • Track their donations - who is picking up and where it’s being delivered

For food rescuers:

  • View the complete food rescue schedule for the upcoming month, along with key details
  • Sign up for rescues that work within their own schedule
  • Provide important feedback upon completion of the rescue to check for accuracy and track our impact

For social service agencies:

  • Specify their food storage capabilities
  • Communicate any closures/changes to schedule to Site Director
  • Measure the number of meals provided to those in need, pounds of food kept from landfills, tons of CO2eq sequestered, volunteer food rescuers, food donors and receiving agencies.
  • Allow for tracking of healthy foods by category
  • Volunteer engagement increases local community relationships and well-being for all
A volunteer sits next to boxes of rescued peaches

“Our organization, Waste Less Solutions, partners with Food Rescue US to use their innovative technology to manage our food rescues... By utilizing the Food Rescue US technology we are able to scale our work... The tool is very easy to use by all types of users and the support staff of Food Rescue US is so helpful.”

Dana Williamson

Founder and Executive Director of Waste Less Solutions

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A Food Rescue US volunteer hands a bag of food to 2 women at a receiving agency