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Our Motto is Simple:


Our local volunteers pick-up excess healthy food from local food donors and deliver it directly to local social service agencies that feed the food insecure.

A man and woman stand together in an industrial kitchen with bins of fresh food in the foreground

Local food donors (e.g. grocers, restaurants, caterers, farmers’ markets, corporations, etc.) register available fresh food.

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Local social service agencies (soup kitchens, shelters, veterans service facilities, etc.) communicate their food needs and details for delivery.

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Local volunteers use our app to sign up for a “food rescue” and schedule the pick up and delivery.

Some of Our Recent Projects


Our Community Kitchens help support restaurants and their staff while producing and handing out meals on site, with the help of Food Rescue US volunteers, to food insecure individuals in their community.

DC Kitchen Program

Our Restaurant Meal Program provides meals to those in need and supports local restaurants that may be at risk of closing due to COVID-19. Food Rescue US purchases individual meals directly from restaurants and our food rescuers deliver those meals directly to local social service agencies.


Through our Farm Distribution Program, we have developed stronger relationships with farmers and recovered food from them on a national scale. Through these efforts, including participating in the USDA Farmers to Families program, we have distributed over 13 million pounds of produce.

Who We Are

Restaurant owners. Chefs. Social service agencies. Caterers. Farms. Corporations. Hotels. Convention Centers. Retirees. Students. Moms. Dads. Kids.

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A smiling woman hands bags of food to teen volunteers

All working together to put an end to hunger and food waste. You are the ones that empower us to BE THE RESCUE.

A Little Bit About Our History

Food Rescue US was founded in Fairfield County in 2011 when our founders, Jeff Schacher and Kevin Mullins, recognized that two growing challenges facing their community and the nation, food insecurity and food waste, could be solved with innovative technology, volunteers, and a direct-transfer model. Together, they founded Community Plates and created a unique model of food rescue that is simple, sustainable, and scalable. The organization quickly received vast support from volunteer rescuers, food donors, and social service agencies, and by 2014, the organization had rescued more than 6 million meals and was serving not only Fairfield County but also Albuquerque and Columbus.

Dream Center

In the following years, we continued to expand in order to meet the needs of more communities. In 2017, the organization changed its name to Food Rescue US in recognition of our expanding national presence and simultaneously launched a new version of our app, which we continue to upgrade.

Since our founding, we have provided 123 million meals and kept 155 million pounds of excess food out of landfills. Food Rescue US is now in 43 locations, and we are constantly growing.

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