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Are you passionate about tackling hunger and reducing food waste? Do you have strong connections within your community? How about the drive and the ability to build teams?

We are delighted that you are interested in making an impact in your community and that you are considering donating some of your time to become a Site Director. The role of Site Director primarily involves creating and managing partnerships within the community. The role requires excellent organizational skills, comfort with technology, and, of course, some commitment of your time. While most of the work can be done on a very flexible schedule, it does require receiving and responding to emails, text messages, and calls in a timely manner. The Food Rescue US Site Directors bring different skill sets and experiences to our work, but they all share a passion for their community and our mission.

If this sounds like a good match for you, please share some information about yourself and your interest in becoming a Site Director.

both hunger and food waste are serious crises.

In the United States this year, it is estimated that 42 million people will experience food insecurity while we throw away 40% of our food supply. At a time when there is so much hunger and we are experiencing the effects of climate change firsthand, we are throwing away the very food that could feed those in need and reduce its impact on climate change. 

As a Site Director, you will have the ability to make a difference.

Some FAQs About being a site director

  •  Food rescue, also called food recovery, is the practice of collecting fresh, edible food that would have otherwise gone to waste from restaurants, grocers, and other food establishments and distributing it to local social service agencies.
  • Food rescue is extremely effective because it simultaneously gets food to those who need it most and reduces food waste, minimizing the amount of toxic emissions from food waste in landfills.
  • Through the use of our web-based app, Food Rescue US has developed a simple solution to connect the vast amount of healthy, usable surplus food with the critical hunger demand.
  • Using our simple and efficient proprietary app, food donors register available fresh food, social service agencies communicate their food needs and details for delivery, and volunteers sign up for a “food rescue.” Sign up to rescue food here.
  • Once a match is made with a food donation opportunity and a social service agency, a volunteer rescuer self-schedules to pick up the food from the donor and delivers it directly to the local social service agency serving the community.
  • You will recruit a volunteer network to fill the daily food rescue schedule and keep them engaged in the organization’s mission through emails and events. You may be the first rescuer, which will give you hands-on experience to help grow your network.
  • Locating excess food in your community and connecting it with local nonprofits who support those impacted by food insecurity 
  • Recruiting and managing a network of local volunteers 
  • Establishing and growing relationships with food donors, including determining the best days and times to rescue their excess food
  • Building relationships with receiving agencies and assisting them in determining their food needs
  • You will create, manage, and maintain a digital schedule on the Food Rescue US app for food rescues that meets the needs of food donors and receiving agencies in your community. We provide you the tool, and you put the pieces together.
A Food Rescue US volunteer holds a box of tomatoes with the food donor in an industrial kitchen

“No one in this day and age should go without food, especially when there is so much food thrown away. Food Rescue US was willing to give me the support to start working on these issues. The most rewarding part is that this kind of work makes a direct and positive impact in the community. It happens quickly, and it grows naturally.”

Jing Chen

Site Director, Food Rescue US - Willowbrook

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Two Food Rescue US volunteers smile together at the farmers market

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A Food Rescue US volunteer hands a bag of food to 2 women at a receiving agency