You Never Know

I recently went to Tanglewood (outdoor concert area in the Berkshires) to see Yo-Yo Ma perform and as I read the program, I noted the various organizations and people who donated over ten million dollars to keep this wonderful arena running. I began to look around at the people who came to the concert and noticed people wearing the latest fashions, great shoes, jewelry and looking as though they just stepped out of a beauty salon.  I bet everyone thought everyone in the area I was sitting in were affluent, or at least working, but they’d wrong.

My sister purchased my ticket for the concert, heck; she paid for my entire weekend.  Until 3 years ago, I was employed and could afford such luxuries, but now things are different and money is tight.  I wonder if the person sitting next to me would guess I was struggling.  He wouldn’t and I know most people would be surprised if they learned about people they know or even work with who may be struggling to make ends meet or put food on the table.

Don’t assume because someone is employed they don’t know where there next meal is coming from.  I was surprised during a conversation with a dear friend that they had accepted food from a local food pantry.  I guess I was surprised because they worked and just naturally assumed that although struggling financially with the extras, the basics were covered.  Wrong.

I’m happy there are food pantries that my friend can tap in to when needed, and I’m glad I volunteer for Community Plates, an organization that assists businesses that want to give excess food to shelters, but don’t have the manpower to drop off the food to local shelters.  If you, or know someone who would like to help others, but don’t have a lot of time – one hour a week or month will help people who you might know, but would never think needed the help.

Think about it.  Wouldn’t you help out a friend if you knew they needed you? — Joan