Wave Hill Breads in Norwalk Become Community Food-Rescue Partners!

It’s always exciting to announce a new addition to the #FoodForAll revolution, especially when it’s a donor who creates amazing foods that will ultimately end up in the pantries and stomachs of the hungry.  That’s exactly what’s happening now that Wave Hill Breads in Norwalk, CT have become food-rescue partners of Community Plates.  Like many others in communities across the country the good people at Wave Hill Breads try to keep overages and waste to a minimum but in preparing product for sale there is inevitably some bread that might have gone to waste if they weren’t intent on making sure that everything they produce goes to good use.

And this isn’t just bread…Wave Hill Breads (WHB) is an artisan micro-bakery intent on making bread for their customers that will make them say  “this is the best bread I’ve ever had!”  WHB started delivering bread to farmers markets in 2005 and although their breads are still available at farmers markets and restaurants all over Connecticut and New York, they also have a home store at 30 High Street in Norwalk (CT) that you have to visit if for no other reason than just to smell it!  Their breads are crafted by hand using French methods and now food-insecure people in their community will get some of that wonderful bread as Community Plates food-runners rescue bread three times a week and transfer it to soup-kitchens and food-pantries.

So stop in and give the place a smell…stop in and buy some amazing bread to take home…stop in and say thank you to the people of Wave Hill Breads for caring for their community and for becoming a partner of Community Plates.   (Oh and can like them on Facebook here)