This Food Here, That Person There

One of the things that we often hear from people who have recently joined the food rescue revolution is how much they enjoy the immediate access to volunteering opportunities the Community Plates app gives them and the immediate impact their food running can make.

Not everyone has the ability to volunteer a set amount of hours every week at a set time and place, but many people still want to make a difference in the time they do have available.  CP “The App” (you can get signed up here) was designed specifically to allow for people who might have limited and specific times they need to serve but still want to; it’s a “right here, right now” application.  So if this hypothetical busy person wakes up on Saturday morning and realizes that they have a window of time to serve between 10 and 11am that particular day, the App will give them all the information they need to make the best possible use of their time.  (what could be better than feeding hungry people)

And there’s nothing better than giving your time to something that changes someone else’s reality for the good immediately.  Since the food we rescue is delivered directly to soup kitchens who cook it up right away and directly to food pantries who get it delivered to families in need right away our food runners often deliver food which is being eaten within minutes and hours of when it was rescued.

One of our food runners recently described the connection to her community she felt when she was walking in the door of a food pantry in Connecticut, past a line of people waiting to eat and realized that “this food here that I just rescued will very likely be eaten by that person there.”

Not everything worth having in life can be achieved quickly.  I’ve heard wine for instance gets better as time passes.  But when you’re hungry…I mean really stomach gnawing, I can’t concentrate on my work or studies, painful type hungry…you need food right here and right now.

Community Plates food runners are making those kinds of connections everyday.

Join us.