National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

This week is National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, sponsored by National Coalition for the Homeless, a national network of people who are currently experiencing or who have experienced homelessness, activists and advocates, community-based and faith-based service providers, and others committed to preventing and ending homelessness.

This social awareness movement is near and dear to our hearts at Community Plates as many of of our partner agencies in Connecticut, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Ohio provide support and resources for the homeless and directly benefit from our fresh food rescue and delivery.

If we can help your organization’s clients thrive with regular donations of fresh food, please let us know! Or become a food donor or volunteer food runner.

To get involved in this effort in your community, visit the National Coalition for the Homeless website and find an event near you.


#NHHAW Events by State

About National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, people take time to consider what they’re thankful for and donate some of their time, attention and resources to others. In the spirit of thankfulness and giving, each year the National Coalition for the Homeless and the National Student Campaign against Hunger and Homelessness designate the week prior to Thanksgiving to sponsor the National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. Last year during this week, more than 750 high schools, colleges, community groups and faith-based groups from cities across the United States came together to bring awareness to pressing issues: hunger and homelessness. As NCH enters its fourth decade, we seek to finish the long and difficult road to ending homelessness by solving the root causes of homelessness.