Something We Can All Agree On

We have entered into a season of disagreement.  As I watched one convention end last night and prepare to watch another play out next week it’s clear that if you are someone who just generally likes to disagree or if you’re favorite phrase is “let’s just agree to disagree”…this is your time!  I’m not wishing for it…but I’m pretty sure that’s where we’re headed.

And if that’s disheartening to you at all, I have some good news. There are a few things we can agree on…all of us.  So if you get bogged down over the next 70 days under the weight of partisan politics would you consider the following points of agreement?

1.  Can we agree that it doesn’t make any sense that our neighbors; people we work with and kids our children go to school with are struggling to provide enough good food to live healthily?

2.   Can we agree that American hunger makes even less sense if we know where to find that food and it’s food that will otherwise be thrown away?

3.  Can we agree that the best way to get that food to people in need is to take the most direct route to where they are?

4.  Can we agree that it is our responsibility to care for those in our community that are having a hard time caring for themselves?

We might have different ideas on how to lower unemployment, or what’s the best way to make sure people have access to health care but let’s agree on these four things.  Maybe our agreement will be an inspiration to all the guys in dark suits and red ties appearing on t.v. screens everywhere!

If you have a moment, log in to CP The App right away and see if there is a food rescue that works for you.

Food for all!

Kevin Mullins