Seeking the Key Member of the New Orleans Food Rescue Team


Position Overview

Community Plates is a non-profit food rescue organization growing nationally to address the problem of food insecurity. While the organization strives to solve our national hunger problem, our work happens locally. The Local Site Director (LSDir) is our eyes, ears, arms, legs and heart on the ground in a specific local market. The food rescue efforts in each market will grow depending on the LSDir’s work and outreach in the community. This is a part-time position with a modest monthly stipend for the weekly 15-20 hours required to fulfill the job responsibilities.

Competencies, Skills and Experience Required

Leadership Ability

  • Creates and communicates an inspiring vision and common purpose that motivates others to take action

Interpersonal & Communication Skills

  • Ability to motivate people to action in written and verbal communication
  • Concise and timely information delivery to a diverse population
  • Ability to communicate objectives and systems clearly and effectively to potential partners
  • Ability to find common ground with a variety of people; values all types of people and treats them equitably and with compassion
  • Builds rapport; is warm, gracious, and easy to approach
  • Encourages collaboration and teamwork

Computer Savvy

  • Proficient in Microsoft office
  • Ability to learn specific applications relevant to Site Director responsibilities

Organizational Skills

  • Ability to manage multiple projects and tasks simultaneously; efficiently and creatively use resources (financial and personnel)
  • Can organize people and activities to meet desired objectives; anticipates and adjusts for problems; evaluates progress to stated goals
  • Goal oriented; sets priorities and assigns responsibilities and resources to get the job done
  • Ability to organize and motivate a population of volunteers to achieve best results
  • Monitors the process and sees opportunities for growth and improvement; eliminates roadblocks for others


  • Focused on continuous improvement, ability to identify inefficiencies and improve processes as opportunities arise
  • Self-sufficient and goal oriented; the director needs to be able to set their own goals and objectives
  • Action-oriented and makes plans with minimal direction
  • Driven to achieve results and is creative with resources (people, funding, materials and support
  • Accepts challenges and seizes opportunities

Priorities and Responsibilities

  • Building an internal team to address marketing, fundraising, social media, events and administration
  • Ensuring scheduled food runs are covered by your volunteer network
  • Recruiting a volunteer network and keeping volunteers engaged in the organization’s mission through emails and events
  • Recruiting and establishing relationships with food donors to secure their commitment and to determine the best days/times to rescue food
  • Building relationships with receiving agencies and determining their food needs
  • Communicating regularly with the volunteers, donors and agencies regarding the importance and the impact of their efforts
  • Communicate with volunteers on difficulties and follow-up with them on outstanding runner notes
  • Identify and pursue fundraising opportunities to support the operational capacity of the organization in your community
  • Creating and managing the food rescue schedule for food runs that meets the needs of donors and agencies and can be staffed by volunteers
  • Communicating activities and needs to the National Office
  • Building an internal team to address marketing, fund raising, social media,events and administration
  • Being a champion of the Community Plates mission in your community and continually searching out opportunities for improvement and advancement

Primary Contacts

National Site Director

Your primary support for achieving your local goals is the National Site Director who is available to assist with anything you need from the National Office to be successful at the local level. You will communicate with the NSDir as needed, provide a written, bi-monthly “flash report”, and participate in a monthly conference call with the NSDir and all other Local Site Directors.

Local Food Donors and Receiving Agencies

Communication with food donors and receiving agencies as needed to ensure their food donation and receiving needs are being met. Ad hoc communication to resolve issues.

Local Volunteer Food Runners

Ongoing communication with food runners to ensure engagement and excitement for the food rescue mission. Daily/ weekly/ as needed communication with volunteers to ensure open runs are covered.

Local Community Plates Team Members

In order for a local site to grow into a vibrant, healthy, and autonomous Community Plates location, every Site Director must build a team of people to help carry out the responsibilities inherent to a local site. There are 5 “Hats” that must be worn by every site: PR/Marketing, Fundraising, Social Media, Events Planning, Administration. As your site grows, you will want to find volunteers to fulfill these roles, i.e.: wear these Hats.

About Community Plates

Community Plates is committed to ending American food insecurity by directly transferring fresh, usable food that would have otherwise been thrown away from restaurants, markets and other food industry sources to food-insecure families throughout the U.S. Community Plates exists to provide meals to food-insecure individuals, plain and simple. We diligently pursue this mission, and strive to have our work reflect our values of community, passion, creativity, simplicity, and gratitude.


How to Apply: To apply, send cover letter and resume to Please include “New Orleans Site Director” in the subject line.