Rave Reviews On Fresh Foods!

We wanted to pass on a portion of an email we received last week from one of the receiving agencies we serve.  It’s from Debbie who is the pantry coordinator at St. Stephen’s Food Pantry which serves food-insecure individuals and families in Bridgeport, CT.

St. Stephens has made an intentional move toward providing more fresh foods to those they serve and that fits perfectly with our direct-transfer food-rescue platform…so our food-runners are taking as much food there as we can!

Here’s what Debbie had to say:

I just want to say THANK YOU  so very much for supporting us at the pantry. The guests are very happy about the fresh foods. We have fed 346 people this month and we have only been open 4 days.  That is crazy! The state is revamping their system and many families are without food stamps.  A worker said they are backed up and are now working on February issues.

Oh by the way, we let our guests do their own shopping. They just love it and they get just what they need and want. They come out saying “hey I just went shopping.”  It’s mostly the food from COMMUNITY PLATES.  (she inserts a whole bunch of happy emoticons here)  these are some of the facial expressions as the guests leave the pantry.

Have a great day !

We are so thankful for our food-donors in the area (Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods just to name two) who allow their surplus and expiring foods (foods with life still in them) to be rescued and for our passionate generous food-runners who help make the whole thing happen.  We’re also super-grateful for compassionate, creative people like Debbie who do everything they can to make sure people in need get the most and best foods they can!