Press Release: Community Plates Receives $20,000 From Fairfield County Community Foundation


Community Plates receives $20,000 to expland food rescue operations.

FAIRFIELD COUNTY COMMUNITY FOUNDATION GRANT will support the developement of GoResue technology.

Norwalk, CT (July 22, 2013) – Community Plates, the CT based food rescue organization, has received a $20,000 grant from the Fairfield County Community Foundation to support the development of the organization’s GoRescue software. This groundbreaking, proprietary technology has allowed Community Plates to create a new food rescue model that is duplicable, scalable and sustainable. Using the first generation of this software, the organization has rescued 1.4 million meals in two years, all of it directly transferred by over 500 volunteer drivers nationwide, for immediate use, to over 40 receiving agencies. The newer and more comprehensive software version, GoRescue, will enable Community Plates to greatly increase the number of meals rescued and delivered throughout Fairfield County.

Community Plates Executive Director Kevin Mullins said, “We are grateful for community partners like FCCF who are committed to serving those in need in innovative ways. This grant and their investment in the GoRescue software make this commitment obvious.”

Community Plates was launched in 2011 by WhenToManage. As an innovator of cloud-based software for the restaurant, hospitality and retail industries, WhenToManage recognized the opportunity to streamline the food rescue process utilizing technology and so developed the GoRescue App. The traditional food rescue model relies on multi-layered infrastructure and excessive food handling via fleets of trucks, drivers and warehousing, which requires significant overhead and time, greatly limiting the ability to transfer perishable, fresh food. Utilizing the GoRescue App and volunteer food-runners, Community Plates eliminates much of this overhead, while delivering fresher (and thereby healthier) food directly to those in need.

Founded in January 2011, Community Plates is committed to ending American food-insecurity through direct-transfer food rescue. Established as a 501(c)3 non-profit food rescue platform, Community Plates is focused on transferring healthy, usable foods to where it can help feed those in need. This volunteer-driven, technology fueled process coordinates with restaurants, grocers, bakeries, caterers and other food-service organizations who have foods destined to be thrown away and delivers the food to soup kitchens, food pantries and other hunger relief organizations who serve food-insecure individuals and families.