Please Don’t Sue Me For Doing Good (Food-Rescue Objection #2)

Just a few minutes ago, when I finished talking to a potential donor about the problem of food-insecurity in the US and our chance to bring it to an end through food rescue, he asked the the question that is one of the big three; “If we donate food, what is our liability?”

It made sense that the “sue” question would be top of mind for him because Americans sue Americans over everything.  His concern is even more valid as it regards food since there’s so much that can go wrong with keeping food healthy for people to eat.  We take the liability issue especially seriously since many of the food-insecure people our platform serves are labeled as “high-risk”; specifically the elderly and young children.

Now a post for another day will be to explain what I mean by “we take the liability issue seriously.”  In that post I can talk a little bit about our efforts to become educated on food-safety, including getting the proper certifications etc.

But for now, let me be really clear in answering this question:

If you donate food in good faith to organizations who serve the food-insecure there is no liability to you or your company!

That’s none as in zero!

This good news comes to the food-insecure of the US as a result of  The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act signed into law into 1992 as well as similar laws in almost all US states (including Connecticut.)  The law is long and verbose but simply it protects good-faith donors from civil and criminal liability should the product donated later cause harm to its recipient.

This means you can donate with your mind at ease.

When the number of people in Fairfield County (the site of Community Plate’s first food-rescue site) have swelled to almost 100 thousand people and nationally the numbers are over 50 millon and growing, we need some good news…and being able to be generous without the risk of a lawsuit later is just part of it.

This restaurant and catering manager immediately got a big smile on his face when I answered his question.

If it makes you smile too then join us!