“Organics”-Putting the Unity in Community

However much I can do, we can do more.  However much you can do, we can do more.

This is the reason Community Plates are announcing “Organics, another important part of the march toward ending American food-insecurity.  From the beginning we’ve been about making it simple to do good…giving passionate people the resources they need to rescue as much food as efficiently as possible.  “Organics” will make it simple for us to meet others on the same journey and form a community of people with the same focus.

To be clear, although we will always make it easy for one person to do one run, we think the only way a goal as audacious as feeding over 50,000,000 Americans can be accomplished is by realizing one of core values at Community Plates; namely the value of “community.”

So we’re jumping in with both feet!  “Organics” is matchmaking for socially-conscious people.

So, what exactly is an Organic?

These are runner-led meetups designed to build community outside of the day-to-day food runs you’re involved with!  Grab coffee, go biking, meet at a bar, knit a huge sock (which would be weird).  It doesn’t matter at all what you do as long as you’re spending time with other CP runners!  Community is one of our core values at CP– hence Community Plates – and organics are how we’re going to get intentional about tightening our network!

Very soon “Organics” will be a function of our web-app (meaning you can login and find out what fun and energizing things are going on) but in the meantime we’re doing it the old-fashioned way (meaning email and phones.)


  1. Send the details of your Organic to Stephanie Spallino (sspallino@communityplates.org), including…When & Where and the email address you want RSVP’s to be sent to
  2. We’ll take care of the invitations for you
  3. After the event…You will receive a follow-up email, fill out a brief 5-question survey and start planning your next Organic!!


Mountain Biking–Hiking
All of the above
The idea is not necessarily to add more activities to your already busy schedules but to invite others to join you in what you’re already doing.

If you have an idea now, let us know.  Be on the lookout for several “Organics” invites soon.