One Million Pounds Means Something

Seventeen months into the life of Community Plates we are approaching a really big number.  It’s the “one million pounds of food rescued” mark.  It’s really hard to comprehend and although it’s a relatively small number for hunger relief organizations who have been doing this a long time, it’s a really big deal for us…it means something.

It means that you don’t have to pay people to take care of their neighbors. People are willing to do the right thing and respond both to the need of food insecurity and the promise of food rescue.  They’re willing to use their own vehicles and carve time out of their schedules and respond to the adventure that food rescue can be.

It means that technology is a tool that can indeed change the reality of  hunger in America. We wondered when we started if people would respond to online opportunities to serve and if they’d log in regularly and search for food rescues that fit their specific schedules.  They have and they do.

It means 825,000 meals were created. This is food that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill; meals that didn’t exist before, delivered to the amazing agencies we serve free of charge.  No delivery fee, no program expense, no strings attached.  All we ask is that people get fed with the food and over three quarter of a million people have been.

It means Community Plates food runners are feeding hungry people. One million pounds means something.  It means our food runners have begun a food rescue revolution that will change the face of American hunger.
It’s on…

Food For All

Kevin Mullins
Executive Director
Community Plates