NYC Food Bank Shortage, Tackling Campus Food Waste, Greensboro’s Food Deserts, #HungerFreeSummer

Our weekly reading list of the people, places, and discussions taking place in food insecurity across the country.

The cupboard is bare: NYC food banks running out of stock

new-york-1More than a third of New York State’s food pantries have had to turn away people in need because they have run out of supplies. Food banks have been demanding an additional $16 million to replenish their stock.An estimated 1.4 million NY state citizens rely on food banks.

According to the Food Bank for New York City, about 2.6 million people (out of a total population of 8.5 million), have trouble affording food throughout NYC.


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Why are people with jobs going hungry?
by Lauren Bush Lauren, CEO of Feed Projects on CBC

102746456-lbl.530x298The promise of a meritocracy is a simple one: Each individual will be compensated in proportion to his or her labor. The abilities, skillsets and opportunities of these individuals may vary, but each can rest assured knowing that honest, hard work will amount to a life in which one’s daily needs are met, with potential for a better future. In a country that promises opportunity, shouldn’t someone who is working hard—sometimes even at multiple jobs—have the assurance of access to healthy food for his or her family?

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Bringing Fruit To The Doorsteps Of Greensboro’s Food Deserts
by WUNC, Public Radio

strawberriesn_rKing calls his mobile market a “grocery store on wheels.” It is a mobile trailer unit surrounded by tents that offers fresh fruits, vegetables, tilapia and even healthy smoothies every Wednesday to Greensboro residents who are suffering from food insecurity.

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Food Waste on Campus
by The Current, UC Santa Barbara 

ucsb-global-food-fellows-kate-parkinson-emilie-woodA far less common practice: Waiting outside a restaurant to weigh all the food that gets tossed out after the diners are done. But that’s exactly how UC Santa Barbara seniors Emilie Wood and Kate Parkinson spent their weekend brunch periods at the campus dining commons, every Saturday and Sunday alike, throughout spring quarter.

The pair has in fact been working much of the academic year to assess and reduce food waste on campus in their shared role as UCSB’s inaugural UC Global Food Initiative (GFI) Fellows. A third GFI fellow, Rachel Rouse, also a UCSB graduating senior, is studying food insecurity and access among the student populations.

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Kid President Partners With ConAgra To Fight Child Hunger

kid-presidentKid President (born Robbie Novak) is using his summer vacation to help other kids who are battling hunger during what should be the most carefree time of year. Partnering with ConAgra, he’s hosting “Tell-A-Thon”s all summer, where people young and old can talk about their efforts to combat hunger in their communities and other topics meant to raise awareness about this issue.

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