Melissa is Fairfield County’s New Site Director!

Fellow Fairfield-County Food-Runners,

When you have something as big on your plate as “ending American food insecurity” it’s nice to know you have the right people leading the charge.

With that in mind we are super excited to announce Melissa Spiesman as Fairfield County’s new site director! Melissa is a long time Fairfield County resident, is super passionate about making sure we rescue as much food as possible for Fairfield County’s hungry and we believe she is the right person at this important time.

Melissa started as a food-runner and most recently has served as our receiving agency coordinator, she was also on the Columbus advance team and provides receiving agency support for all of our sites.  Some of those roles (especially food-runner) she’ll continue to hold but her primary focus now is on developing a strong, sustainable, extra-productive food platform at our original site in Fairfield County.

In addition as we continue to learn how to best support our sites and provide resources to them she’ll be focused on working with our team to overcome obstacles, pursue new opportunities and document the whole process as we continue to develop our national food-rescue starter kit (aka “The Kit”).

This move will allow us to provide even better service to our food-runners, donors and receiving agencies in Fairfield County and allow me (Kevin) to provide better leadership to our whole team as we focus on 50 million Americans who don’t know where their next good meal is coming from.

So if you’re a Fairfield County food-runner you can look forward to hearing from Melissa! She’s ready and excited to hear from you.  Also if you’ve been looking for additional ways to get involved other than food-runner or feel like you have a skill set or passion that might benefit Fairfield County’s hungry….give Melissa a shout out!

Fairfield County food-rescue is going to a whole nutha’ level!

Food for all,


Kevin Mullins
Executive Director