Meet the Team: Christina Knudsen, Director of Development


Hometown/Current City:

Darien, CT/Pittsburgh, PA

What is your role at Community Plates?

Director of Development

What’s on your desk?

Several empty coffee cups and about 1,000 post-it notes.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love to cook and make a mess in the kitchen, and spend time with my husband, daughter, and very spoiled dog. I’m kind of a book nerd and read as much as my 10-month old daughter allows me to.

How/when did you first become inspired around issues of American food insecurity?

Hunger and food insecurity have always been issues that “bothered” me from a young age. I could never reconcile that so many people struggle just to find food with the wealth and overall food resources in this country. Food insecurity just doesn’t make sense in America today.

Who or what inspires you most?

Hermione Granger. Just kidding (sort of). That is a really hard question! I’m inspired by so many things- places I’ve traveled, music, books, friends, my parents, my husband and our faith – it would be tough to pick just one.

If there is one thing you recommend we could do to end hunger our communities, what would it be?

People tend to think about hunger at certain times of the year, like Thanksgiving and Christmas. But hunger is an every day problem. I’d recommend finding opportunities in your community to get engaged on an ongoing basis, whether as a volunteer, an advocate, or a donor – for example, at Community Plates, you can volunteer as a food runner whenever it fits your schedule. By just driving your car, hungry people will have access to healthy, fresh food!