“Let’s Get Social” (Next Week’s Food-Runner Meetup)

As a volunteer, and the current volunteer voice of the Community Plates’ blog, I am really looking forward to next Thursday’s event, January 26th, 6:00 pm, at 76 South Main Street, Norwalk (CP’s new home).

I remember bringing my husband to the first volunteer meeting this past summer, but I admit I was incredibly timid and talked to very few people.  I had met Kevin at a CT Bites event in May, loved hearing what Community Plates wanted to do for area food-pantries, soup-kitchens and shelters and decided to volunteer.

Since then, I’ve adopted a weekly run, attended CP’s first gala with friends this past October, been sharing my experiences on CP’s blog, and using the CP food-rescue application to sign-up for additional food runs.    I have to admit, ever since the application has been posted, I’ve been looking at Community Plates differently.

Besides signing up for food runs, I’ll look at the runs and questions begin swirling around in my head.

For instance, I’m a foodie and think doing a run to Rubin Brothers Produce would be fascinating from all the early morning activity.   However, as fascinated as I am, I know I’m directionally challenged and am not a morning person.  The run is in the Bronx, but I’d end up Jersey City.  I’ve seen the name Chris associated with this run and would love to know what his experience has been with it.

I see runs to grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops and fast-food places.  I see people adopting runs as teams and constantly want to know what their experience is like.

As I see people’s names associated with runs on the food rescue schedule, I’m realizing there is more to Community Plates than a non-profit rescuing food in our area. Community Plates is becoming a community of people, each with a different story, from a different walk of life, all wanting to do something to help put an end to hunger in our area.

My name is Joan and although I currently provide posts for this blog from the volunteer’s point of view, I think it’s time to share stories from others.  Just as the number of runs and volunteers has grown over the months, I want the volunteer voice of this blog to grow from stories you share.  I want to put a face to the names I’ve seen or heard about; I want to know your story.   In fact, if you’re reading this blog, leave your name in the comment section with the run(s) you handle(d) and I’ll find you next Thursday.

I look forward to talking with as many people as I can on the 26th. — Joan