It’s Your Passion That Fuels Us

The quality I admire most in people is passion.  It’s always impressive to spend time with someone who is super smart, and I have a few ridiculously talented friends, and even a few who are awfully good looking and still let me hang out with them occasionally. But it’s the passionate ones I most want to emulate. As overused as the word is, we identified passion as a core value when we launched Community Plates four years ago. We had a sense even then that the only way we could move the needle on national hunger was if we could help motivate a movement of people with an intense, burning desire to make sure that no one in our country was hungry.

And it takes passion to be a Community Plates food runner. Passion drives our volunteers through the messiness of picking up fresh usable food, (yes it can be messy). It’s passion that puts people in their cars on their lunch hours and after they’ve worked all day to give 30 minutes to feed 30 people. It’s passion that pushes a new food runner to sign up for a second food run after the first one comes up empty (it happens sometimes) and when there’s so much food that the food donor asks you to come back for a second trip (yeah, that happens sometimes too).

Our food runners are what fuel Community Plates and it’s passion that fuels you. So, it’s your passion that fires our drive to end food insecurity for over 50 million Americans who find themselves in that place.  For me, when my passion dips, it’s the food rescue itself that stirs it up again; signing up and completing a food rescue and realizing again how much of our food we are throwing away, how simple it can be to get the food where it can do the most good, and how many people who live in such close proximity to me are in need of that very same food.

If it’s been a while since you went on a food rescue, sign up right now and stir up your passion!  Your community needs that fuel more than anything else and more than ever.