How Food Rescue Happens (A Social Media Re-Enactment)

Much of Community Plates’ food rescue activity is scheduled and routine.  This works out really well for many of the food runners who want to fit making a difference for hungry Americans into their packed work weeks.

Food waste, however, does not always appear on a schedule.  Luckily, our GoRescue platform also allows for non-scheduled, emergency type activity.

The following timeline provides a glimpse into a real life situation that became an opportunity to do good. Opportunities like this one are becoming more and more frequent at Community Plates.

Saturday. March 29th. 8:54pm
Whole Foods Upper Arlington (served by our Columbus Ohio site) tweets the following with an @communityplates mention



Saturday.  March 30. 8:57pm – We respond immediately with a shout out to potential @communityplates food runners in the area and an assurance that we will do all we can to make sure that nothing goes to waste.


Saturday.  March 29. 9:10pm
– Our National office receives confirmation from Susan Kaiser-Smith, our Columbus site director that she has this food rescue covered.

“I am on my way to COSI (Center of Science and Industry and our food rescue site) now with reinforcements.”


Saturday.  March 29. 10:10pm
– The food is picked up and directly transferred from COSI to Hazel’s House of Hope (a Community Plates partner agency).  Our site director sends the following text to let us know how effective the rescue was.


As the food rescue was “completed”, we received photos of some of the amazing food that was rescued and transferred.





There are over 100,000 food insecure people in Columbus and almost 500,000 in the combined area that our four current sites serve.  There truly is more than enough food to feed all of them well—and when you’ve got great technology, food service organizations passionate about making sure food does not go to waste and most importantly, compassionate, generous people willing to make the rescues happen, there is a real, workable solution.

Together, we can ensure no one goes hungry. 

Join Us.