Here’s How Food Rescue Builds Community

Don’t tell anyone but this food rescue revolution that many of you have become a part of has an ulterior motive.  Certainly the driving passion of who we are is to bring an end to the senselessness of  hungry people right in our neighborhoods; but there is something else we hope happens as you are rescuing.

We give it away in our name.  It’s not just about the Plates that are being filled but also about the Community that is formed in the process.

You don’t want a Latin lesson so I’ll spare you a complete etymology, but the word Community is formed from two words; one that means With or Together and one that means Gifts.

I think we often (at least subconsciously) think about the Gift part of what food rescue is, but what I am experiencing both personally as I rescue food and in watching all of you work is an expansion of With and Togetherness.

When you pick up food and transfer it where it can best be used you aren’t just giving a gift, or making a donation of your time or marking something off of your “I need to do something good this week” list.  As you rescue you are saying with your actions to those food donors you pick the food up from and to the distributing agencies you drop the food off to “We’re in this thing  together.”  Most importantly you’re saying to those in need who live right near you “You aren’t alone…we are with you.”

So on second tell someone.  We need your help…let’s end American hunger together.


Kevin Mullins
Executive Director
Community Plates