Half The World’s Food Thrown Away (Just One Reason Your Work Matters)

A recent study from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (UK) has been widely reported this week including in the Huffington Post’s Food Waste:  Half Of All Food Ends Up Thrown Away. If you’ve been a Community Plates food runner or a part of the food rescue conversation for any time at all, you won’t be surprised that lots of food is going to waste.  (We’ve talked about the “why” quite a bit.) This report puts the problem on display however on a staggering scale that is really hard to comprehend.

When we read for instance that out of the 4 billion tons of food produced worldwide, 30 to 50% of it (1.2 billion to 2 billion tons) doesn’t get eaten, it’s hard to grasp.  When we read that the U.S. and Europe are by far the worst offending food-wasters, we probably aren’t surprised, but it’s no less difficult to handle.

We’ve often been asked at Community Plates “why not spend your time on world hunger” and our answer has more and more often been “by starting right here in the U.S. where food waste is at its absolute worst, that’s exactly what we’re doing.”  Community Plates food runners rescued the equivalent of 750k meals in their first 18 months on the job and will rescue between 1 and 1.5 million meals in the calendar year of 2013.  If we can duplicate that growth (and because of our scalable, sustainable model which grows not by simple addition but exponentially, this is what we expect) we will start to see similarly staggering numbers of meals rescued even with the next few years.

We’re not quite ready to make a 2020 projection yet but here’s what we know; You…Community Plates food runners are reversing a senseless, potentially devastating world trend one food rescue at a time.

Thanks for what you do…

Please invite someone to join the cause today!

Kevin Mullins
Executive Director
Community Plates