“Fresh-Market Food Pantries” Mean More Healthy Food For The Hungry

At last week’s “Let’s Get Social” food-runner meetup, a few people asked me to explain one of the seven things Community Plates is “hyperfocused” on.

Hyperfocus item number 3 said Community Plates is actively engaged in “development of “Fresh-Market” food-pantries.”  So the question that came up a few times was “what’s a fresh-market food pantry and what difference do they make?”

Very simply (and I could go and on, just ask anyone) a fresh-market food-pantry is one who is intent on delivering produce, fruits and other fresh foods to the population they serve.  The sad reality is that eating healthy can be expensive and if people are struggling to put healthy food on a table then they are without a doubt finding it even more difficult to put the healthiest kinds of food on their families table.

But we just so happen to know a whole lot of people throwing useable foods just like these away.  And we know some amazing people (about 170 of you now) who are happy to pick that food up and directly transfer it somewhere it can be used.  Finally, we are also well aware of some wonderful food-pantries who are passionate and highly skilled in delivering food to and serving those most in need (about 13 receiving agencies so far in Fairfield County.)

This won’t be easy.  It will require intentionality and partnership.  Our Melissa Spiesman (Community Plates Program Coordinator) has made this her top priority and we have an agency we will let you all know about very soon who is committed to converting their pantry to this kind of model.  We can’t wait to get these fresh-foods in the hands of those who wouldn’t normally have access!

We said from the beginning that our food-rescue platform was committed not just to transferring more food but transferring more healthy foods.   Fresh-market food-pantries are an important step in that direction.

If this idea really rings your bell…give us a shout out.  Join the fresh-market revolution!