Fresh Food Focus at Food Pantrys, USDA Increases Healthy Food Access to Low Income Families, Food Bank Myths

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Debunking 5 Common Myths About Food Banks

foodsecurityMAINIt’s a hard reality to face, but currently millions of people across North America are experiencing some form of food deprivation or food insecurity. Stigma is still attached to those who must use food banks to obtain a sufficient quantity of nutritious food.

Myth #5: The number of people using food banks is declining.We’d all like this to be true, but it’s not, sadly enough. According to HungerCounts 2014, food banks are used by a wide range of Canadians, including children and families, single people, and workers. The Hunger in America 2014 study shows that poverty remains intractable, with 247,000 local residents turned to The Greater Cleveland Food Bank. “While the recession has ended, this study indicates that more people are food-insecure than were four years ago, when the last Hunger in America study was conducted,” says Sullivan. “We must continue to expand our programs and provide the resources for more meals in our community.”

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Fresh ideas — and foods — at food pantries

greenhouse_26foodbanks-1_businessOpen Door is among the many food pantries across the state that are adding walk-in refrigerators, freezers, and even gardens to provide healthier foods, spending thousands of dollars to remodel facilities long configured to distribute cans and boxes of processed foods.

Open Door, for example, installed a walk-in cooler in March to hold hundreds of pounds of fruits and vegetables and constructed an adjacent room that will soon be fitted with sinks and stainless steel tables so workers can sort, wash, and prepare fresh fruits and vegetables as soon as they are delivered.

CNN special program: “Feeding America’s most vulnerable children.” Focuses on Bridgeport, CT, and features Rudd Center Director Marlene Schwartz among the school nutrition experts interviewed.

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USDA working to increase low-income families’ access to healthier foods


Americans on food stamps spent a record $18.8 million at farmers markets and local farm stands last year, a roughly sixfold increase since 2008, according to Concannon. Some of that increase was due to low-income families having more access to fresh produce.



Top consumer brands pledge to halve food waste by 2025

“It is a tragedy that up to 2 billion tons of food produced around the world is lost or wasted never making it on to a plate,” said Paul Polman, chief executive of Unilever, whose products range from Magnum ice creams to Dove cosmetics.

“At a time of growing food insecurity and climate change, we can’t afford to let this continue.”