Food Runner Profile: Julia Gallagher, New Orleans

On behalf of Hunger Action Month, we are profiling some of the wonderful people who make Community Plates work — our volunteer food runners!


Julia Gallagher, New Orleans

IMG_4967Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Currently: Student at Tulane University and Community Plates New Orleans Food Runner

Why did you become a volunteer food runner for Community Plates?

Before I even saw it on the website, when I heard about Community Plates I joined because it just makes sense! I cringe when I contribute to food waste on a personal level, so to think by becoming a food runner I could have an impact on a macro level was amazing. Especially as a student this is the PERFECT volunteer opportunity because you don’t always know what your week is going to look like but you do often have pockets of free time during the day. Also it is an incredible way to be more intimately connected to your community.


If you are interested in becoming a food runner for Community Plates, you can sign up to access our Community Plates app and connect with food runs in your area.