Fairfield County Food-Insecurity (the numbers)

We’ve been doing a lot of talking with people all over Fairfield County about ending food-insecurity in the US through food-rescue, starting right here and very often people want to know “how many people are we actually talking about?”

Here’s one set of numbers that may help give us all a better idea of what hunger looks like right here and right now.

Recently Feeding America undertook the Map-the-Meal-Gap project (funded by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation and The Nielsen Company) to take a look at the numbers at the local community level.  As a result, we have the chance to learn the specifics about how poverty and hunger effect the people of Fairfield County Connecticut.

Here’s what it says:

1.  11.2% of the county’s population is food-insecure (too many)
2.  That means almost 100,000 people (far too many)
3.  46% of that 100,000 fall below the SNAP threshold of 185% poverty (read more about how poverty levels are measured here, but that just means they are severely food-insecure.)
4.  It would take over 49 million dollars to meet the food needs of our county’s hungry. (This is why we are committed to making sure no good usable food-sources are wasted. There’s more than money that can fix this problem.)

Just for space I’ll keep it bird’s eye view for this post but if you’re interested in digging deeper into the numbers check out Feeding America’s site here.

Yes, we’ve got hunger.  Right here in Norwalk.  Right here in Stamford.  Right here in Bridgeport.  And it’s not just the homeless.  Among that 100,000 are people just like you and me.  People who are working, sometimes more than one job, sometimes multiple-income families.  When it gets bill-paying time however, they are deciding between paying the electric bill, putting gas in the car to go to work and buying food for their family.

This doesn’t have to be.  Join us!