Don’t Make It Difficult To Be Generous (Food-Rescue Objection #3)

“We do throw food away, but we can’t donate if it causes a hiccup in our smooth-running operation.”

This was a direct quote from a restaurant general-manager I met with last week.  He voiced something we’ve heard over and over the last few months as we’ve started reaching out to people about the technology-fueled/volunteer-driven food-rescue platform that we’ve launched here in Lower Fairfield County.

This “don’t get in the way of our business operation” phrase is repeated by grocers, bakers and caterers alike.  They raise similar questions like:

  • “What happens if my food-rescue opportunity is late at night after an eventends or early in the morning after I get done stocking my shelves?”
  • “How will the food be packaged for transport?”
  • “Our place of business has a lot going on.  What if rescuing foods gets in the way?”

Just to name a few.

But imagine if…

1.  Volunteers showed up when you asked them to, every time.
2.  Donors had an web and mobile application that allowed them to communicate quickly and precisely what those times were.
2.  There was thought given to the exact kind of trasport supplies necessary.
3.  The volunteers were trained on where to stand (and not to stand) when they arrived for a food-rescue.
4.  The volunteer’s primary concern was in allowing a donor’s business to function effectively and on not getting  in the way.

And what if along the way you could feed a portion of the 50 million Americans who don’t always know where their next meal is coming from?

This is what we are committed to.  We need your help.  Join us.