CPGALA 2011 is a Can’t Miss!!!

It’s our first “get-everyone together and celebrate” experience and I can’t wait!

Yes, it’s a fundraiser because even though we make every effort to keep costs low, the administration, supplies, technology development and expansion of this hunger-conquering food-rescue platform do cost money.  So if you can buy your ticket or become a sponsor it’s a big help!

There will be good music, great food and drink and very little speech-making but I think the best part will be getting to meet team members who I’ve only met in internet-land to this point and the opportunity to celebrate the good work that’s already happened and look forward to all the great food-rescue activity to come.

So if you haven’t got your ticket, would like to become a sponsor or know of someone who’d like to, here’s where you go:  CLICK HERE TO HELP!

See you there!