Community Plates is Coming To Your Area… and here’s how.

Hunger in the U.S. doesn’t discriminate.  Although many of us may have a pre-conceived idea of who “the hungry” are and where they live, the reality is, you’re as likely to encounter people who don’t know where their family will get their next healthy meal in rural Tennessee as you will in inner-city Philadelphia.  Increasing media attention around the problem of American food-insecurity is directly tied to how pervasive and indiscriminate the problem has become.   We quite literally can’t ignore American hunger anymore.

Community Plates was founded as a national hunger-relief solution.

The very first visions of this technology-fueled food rescue revolution were of building a scalable platform that would not be dependent on any of the peculiarities of a particular city or region…and this is exactly what has happened.  The areas in which we currently rescue food could not be more different from each other (see a list here) but they have one commonality which makes this whole thing work (to the tune of over 4,000,000 meals rescued to date):  passionate, generous local people committed to helping the hungry in their own communities. We are helping to build stronger communities by enlisting local volunteers: Ohioans concerned for Ohioans,  New Mexicans motivated to help New Mexicans, and so on.

And now after three years of figuring out how to do what we do (May 10th is our 3 year anniversary) we can now confidently predict that Community Plates is coming to your area!  Why are we confident?  Because it’s the community that makes this happen, and another thing we’ve learned in these three years is that Americans care about their neighbors and given the opportunity, they will rise to the challenge.  Our confidence is in our growing army of volunteer food runners.  Our confidence is in you.

We will expand to several new locations in 2014 with plans for exponential expansion in 2015 and beyond; so if you want to be a part of this movement where you live, just drop us a line.  1/6th of our national population  is struggling to eat and there real urgency behind this issue.  Hunger in the U.S. will come to an end and this is your chance to be a part of the process.

Welcome to the food rescue revolution.


Kevin Mullins
Executive Director
Community Plates