Community Plates Becomes Food Rescue US; Launches New App

Community Plates, the volunteer driven, direct transfer, national food recovery organization,  has changed its name to Food Rescue US (FRUS) and has launched the next generation of their award winning app.  FRUS is focused on transferring healthy, usable foods to where it can feed those in need. This volunteer driven, technology fueled process coordinates with restaurants, grocers, bakeries, caterers and other food-service organizations, who have foods destined to be thrown away, and delivers the food to soup kitchens, food pantries and other hunger relief organizations serving food insecure individuals and families.

Established in 2011, Food Rescue US, specializes in large scale, grassroots, fresh food recovery resulting in equally large scale waste reduction. Currently operating in ten locations around the country, to date the organization has rescued and delivered over 16.6 million meals, saving 25 million pounds of food from landfill, at an estimated value of $42.3 million.

Executive Director, Kevin Mullins stated, “We’re excited to have a new name that better reflects our national focus and continued expansion initiative.  Through the recovery and direct transfer of fresh food, we have seen our national impact grow and intensify.  The launch of the next generation of the app is even more important as we move toward our expansion goal of 25 sites by the end of 2017.  We are actively seeking individuals and organizations to partner with us and bring FRUS to their communities. Our simple solution to ending local hunger works everywhere.”

The FRUS app, now available in the app store, is a unique, proprietary tool, allowing collaboration on an unlimited scale. The technology empowers individuals or food industry organizations, nonprofit and for profit alike,  to start a new food rescue community or expand an existing  food rescue program. Improvements include:

  • Viewing  the complete food rescue schedule through the Volunteer Food Rescuer Portal
  • Sign up for food rescues at the volunteer’s convenience
  • Following the Food Rescue Matching algorithm based on supply, demand, capacity and distance
  • Food Donors list and track their food donations through the Food Donor Portal
  • Allows the front line hunger relief organizations to list their specific needs and track the food they receive through the Receiving Agency Portal.