Happy Holidays From Our Family to Yours


Kevin_webIt’s kind of mind-boggling what all of you accomplished this year. Now that we’re tallying up this year’s food rescue effort, it adds up to more than 5 million meals rescued and delivered to people who need access to fresh food in the US. 5 MILLION MEALS! And I’m saying you did this because if you rescued, donated, or distributed food through Community Plates this year, you made it happen. Those of you who were able to support us financially also played an invaluable part in this 2016 success. So to all of the individual “you’s”…thank you for your passion, compassion and generosity.

In 2017 our vision is to be everywhere you are. To some degree, we always have been but stay tuned for some news early in the new year that will make it clear where we are going together (spoiler alert: it’s everywhere.)

On behalf of everyone at Community Plates, our best wishes for the Warmest and Happiest Holiday Season.

Food For All,


Kevin Mullins
Co-founder/Executive Director, Community Plates

Letter from the Director: Hunger Action Month

When we began four years ago, many people were unaware of the huge number of American’s who struggle to eat every day, let alone healthily. However, that tide is turning. 1 in 6 Americans, and 1 in 5 American children, are food insecure and during September’s Hunger Action Month we all have the opportunity to help tell the story of this country’s hungry. More importantly it gives us a chance to focus on changing this senseless reality for good.

Here are some suggestions on how to get involved in Hunger Action Month:

  • Find out about hunger where you live. What are the hunger numbers in your area? Who’s doing a good job taking care of those people in need? Who are the innovators where you are in tackling this problem head on?
  • Tell someone else about American hunger. I always link to this 4 year old 60 Minutes piece when I can, because I’m still blown away with the story it tells about people just like me, who live in a place much like where I live, who struggle to provide food for their families. I also really like this recent John Oliver piece on Food Waste. If all of us tell a few more people we’ll be that much closer to bringing hunger to an end.
  • Take the “Action” part of Hunger Action Month seriously. Do something to stop this! If you’re a Community Plates food runner, sign up for an extra run and then post the pictures to your social media feeds. If you aren’t a Community Plates food runner, sign up here http://communityplate.wpengine.com/go-rescue/ and you can be rescuing food and feeding people within days. Volunteer in a community food pantry, soup kitchen or shelter. If you need an idea of who’s doing good work, let us know. If each of us do something, we will be that much closer to ending this senseless problem.

Community Plates is a simple solution to ending American hunger and it’s all of you that power what we do. You are our “action!”

Food for all,

Kevin Mullins

Executive Director, Community Plates

Letter from the Director: Food Innovation & Food Insecurity at FTI15

Jeff and I have just returned from the 2015 Farm to Table Conference in New Orleans where we had the privilege of hosting one of the breakout sessions in Food Innovation.

It was truly exciting to be surrounded by so many innovative, creative people passionate about making a difference in the food industry and even more importantly, doing it through the food industry. The opening plenary session was a great way to start in connecting us all to the importance of encouraging people to be in tactile contact with food and all of the important effects of that on our communities.  This idea really resonated with us since, many food runners have reported feeling more deeply connected to their communities after rescuing food and delivering it to receiving agencies for distribution to food insecure families. For us it’s always been about “this food here” feeding “these people here” so this opening talk really supported what our experience has been.

I want to thank each and every one of you for fueling the food rescue revolution in your own communities; this weekend showed us that we are on the right track to ending hunger in this country, one community at a time.

Kevin Mullins

Executive Director

Photo: c/o Sunny Young ‏@sunnyspeaksfood of Keynote Speaker Temple Grandin