A Plate Replaces the Pyramid

The USDA announced yesterday that the traditional food-pyramid has been replace by “My Plate.”

“The US government has ditched its two-decade old pyramid model for healthy eating and introduced a new plate symbol half filled with fruits and vegetables to urge better eating habits.

The colorful design, called MyPlate, was unveiled by first lady Michelle Obama.

The plate icon is sectioned into four parts, with fruits and vegetables making up one half and grains and proteins filling the other half. A dairy drink is included alongside.”


I guess it’s not surprising that at Community Plates we love this idea.  Because….well:

1.  We have a particular fondness for plates!
2.  This makes a whole lot more sense.  We don’t eat off of pyramids, we eat off of plates!
3.  This is actually a very helpful graphic for explaining how we pursue potential food-donors.  The community organizations that we provide food to, who in turn serve the food-insecure are in need of all of these food groups, roughly in the percentages this plate-icon demonstrates.

So way to go USDA and Michelle Obama!