A New Model That Changes Everything For The U.S.A’s Hungry

One thing I really like about the new year is how many people attempt to make big changes.  I happen to be one of those weird people who enjoy change, so a season like this is right up my alley.  Since I also spent much of the holidays thinking about hungry people in the U.S. (and how absurd it is to even be able to say that) this seemed like a good time to remind us all that Community Plates is changing the game when it comes to food rescue and feeding the food insecure.  There is an old model for food rescue and there is the Community Plates model and the differences are distinct and important to the bottom line.

The old model is dependent on warehouses, workers and trucks, which means that overhead costs necessarily increase with each food rescue.  In the Community Plates volunteer driven, direct transfer model overhead costs actually decrease with each food rescue.  Overhead remains virtually fixed while more and more meals are delivered.

The old model offers limited fresh food since the time required to warehouse and sort food at a intermediary facility means fresh food often spoils before it can be eaten.  The Community Plates direct transfer model offers more of the fresh food vital for healthy living.  Our immediate-delivery platform allows us to deliver more  fresh food to food pantries and soup kitchens in our communities

The old model necessitates sorting and storage which means that rescued food in an intermediary facility often waits several days before being distributed to those in need.  In the Community Plates direct transfer model food rescued today is delivered today and can be distributed to those in need, to be eaten…today.

As you’re considering a new year and looking at new opportunities, please consider this:

There are millions of food insecure people in the U.S. and no good reason for it to be that way.  The game has changed.  Passionate people powered by technology are making a huge difference, one food rescue at a time.  We’ve worked out the logistics, we just need your help.  Let’s end this together.

Kevin Mullins
Executive Director
Community Plates