A Community Plates Food-Runner’s Video Goes Viral

There are several really cool things about Giorgio:

1.  He wears super-awesome hats

2.  Every Saturday he and Michelle rescue food from Trader Joe’s in Fairfield CT and directly transfer it to the food-pantry at the Thomas Merton Center of Bridgeport.  As a result, people who are hungry get to take home some extra food (including hard to afford fresh fruits and vegetables.)

3.  He also just so happens to be a pretty crazy musician, vocalist and artist. (Okay Giorgio, now you’re just showing off!)

So all in all a pretty great and interesting guy, so we were really excited to find out that a video he just happened to upload to YouTube has almost a million views in about a week (actually combined with other places the video is listed, it’s more like 1.5 million).  That’s wild right?

So check the video out below and he’s on Ellen on Friday if you want to see him there.

Community Plates Food-Runner Sings His Order