1 Food Rescue a Month Changes Hunger

Okay I have to be honest and say we really hope that Community Plates food runners perform a food-rescue every week.  The more active our food-runners are the more confidently we can pursue new potential food donors, which results in a whole lot more food getting in the pantries and stomachs of food insecure Americans.  (If any of this lingo so far sounds strange, click here for a little CP Glossary)

Here’s the way that it works in food rescue land:  We know approximately how many active food runners it takes to efficiently and reliably serve a food donor, so before we can tell a new potential food donor “yes we’ll be there three times a week to rescue your food before it’s thrown away” we have to first ask, “how many active food runners do we have?”

Now as I hinted above a really active food runner makes an effort to pick up a run every week but the beauty of Community Plates technology-based platform is that if you have an extra busy few weeks and aren’t able to perform a food-rescue, the minute (literally the very minute) you do have time to help, you can sign up right then and be rescuing food immediately.  In addition, as we continue to add more food rescues to the schedule there is a greater variety of available runs and more options to fit your schedule.

So the request is this: If you’ve caught a vision for helping us end American food-insecurity through direct-transfer food rescue, join us by performing at least one food rescue per month. You’ll get a weekly reminder from your area’s site director; not sent your way to annoy you or jam up your inbox but just as a gentle nudge to say “hey, hungry people are counting on us.”  We don’t have a backup plan!  It’s all about the food runners; your passion and your generosity.

Please join us for at least 1 food rescue per month.  Thanks for what you do!

Kevin Mullins
Executive Director
Community Plates